VITA NATURA – Back to the Roots of Nature

The VITA NATURA Estate is situated in a unique natural environment in the very vicinity of the Plitvice Lakes National Park, on a sun-kissed hill surrounded only by peace and quiet. The Estate, located on a spacious meadow, consists of the two wooden houses made of natural materials, the indigenous pine and spruce, and is completely furnished with unique, hand-made solid-wood furniture items produced by local artisans, which lends the house special coziness and warmth.

The large meadow is engulfed by the ancient beech- and chestnut-tree forest, and is intersected with neat footpaths, as well as meditation and relaxation plateaus.

Your stay in the wooden house is echoed in both the vastness of the scenery and fragrant beauty of the forest, in this way granting you the unforgettable sense of unity with the nature. The houses are constructed so cleverly, with each little corner of the house being blessed with natural lighting, so you will feel as if in the midst of a meadow while inside the house.

Our guiding light, the love for the nature, is present at each and every step you take, not only on your walks in the forest and the meadow, but also inside one of the two wooden houses of the VITA NATURA Estate.

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Vita Natura Estate

Rakovičko selište 188, 47245 Rakovica, Republika Hrvatska
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