VITA NATURA Estate is situated in the little town of Rakovica, in the Rakovica Municipality,in the near proximity of the Plitvice Lakes. The Municipality of Rakovica consists of 26 villages along the banks of the river Korana which brings together the entire social and economical community of the Plitvice Lakes and Rakovica areas.

This area represents an ideal synergy of experiencing the unspoilt nature, clean air, inviting scents, mystic subterranean world of caves, vast forests, clear rivers...all of which add a fragment  to a wonderful mosaic visitors assemble in their minds. Imagination has no limits.

Tranquil atmosphere is what makes Rakovica an ideal basecamp from which you can explore the surroundings on a daily basis.

Along the Plitvice Lakes, other natural attractions worth seeing are: the river Korana canyon, historical-ethnological-building heritage of Rastoke, system of caves and cavities (the Muškinje Caves, the Panjak Caves, the Upper and Lower Barać Cave).

The Grabovac eco-marketplace offers various local ecol produce made on family farms in the area: cheese, marmelades, jams, dried herbs, traditional handicraft, home-made wine and brandy, souvenirs, along with ecologically grown fruit and vegetables.

The Educational Trail Old Citadel ( Stari grad) and the footpath (walking trail) along the river Korana canyon, covering  the length of some 2,000m, stretch from the Old Citadel of Drežnik (dating back to 11th century,the time of the noble family of Frankopan) all the way to the Korana Camping ground at Čatrnja. Walking along the level-ground route without any gradients, the path will lead you to the water-mill destroyed in the Homeland War and rebuilt afterwards, which houses various old tools that were once used around the Rakovica area. The water-mill can be visited daily, from 4-8 pm.

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Vita Natura Estate

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