Walking / Hiking

The moment you open your eyes in the morning, surrounded with birds singing and the intoxicating fragrances of indigenous herbs, just put on your sneakers and head to the forest for an invigorating morning walk or jogging. A step away from the house there is at your disposal a forest trail just waiting for you to use it for your recreation. Likethe old proverb has it, 'The morning shows what the day will be like', the early morning hours are the time when beneficial negative ions are released in the morning air, enabling you to renew your energy and retrieve your vitality.

After having taken a walk along the wonderful footpaths and admiring the varied scenery of the Plitvice Lakes National Park, why not emabark on an expedition exploring the great outdoor of the wider Plitvice Lakes area which has, except for the 16 amazing turquoise lakes interconnected by waterfalls and rapids and surrounded with dense forests, a less-known  abundance of other attractions, such as hidden canyons, country roads and numerous brooks.

Once you have visited this jaw-dropping UNESCO  World Heritage Site and its wonders, you will surely long to return and enjoy it over and over again.

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